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1 We follow a desire for the highest quality and service for your special event.
2 Everything we make has our special ingredient: love, for what we do and who we do it for. 
3 Our goal is always to have you walk in a client and leave a friend.


a few words about us

nothing but the best.

1979698_10152321235545842_1846412707_nWhen I started The Chocolate Box, it was to provide exceptional sweet treats with a focus on making my clients friends.  With an eye on quality and service, I have always wanted to bring the best ingredients to your party.  Our cakes and pastries are unique but not while sacrificing taste.  We can provide it all beautifully.  From cakes to pastries and everything in between for your wedding, birthday, anniversary or family get together.

If you have special allergies such as gluten free, lactose free or others special needs, we can accommodate that need without sacrificing quality and taste. I personally promise my team focuses on the best quality and service so that you may walk in a client, but you will leave a friend.



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